Recipe Kit Theme Installation

If you have installed a new theme on Shopify, or have ported your store over to the new Online Store 2.0 theme feature, you will need to re-install Recipe Kit in order for your recipe cards to display.

Follow the super easy steps below to get Recipe Kit installed on your lovely new theme!

1. Open your theme editor

Open your store's theme editor by opening up a new tab, going to your Shopify Admin, then clicking on the Online Store link on the sidebar.

Click on the "Customize" button next to your desired theme to open the theme editor:

2. Navigate to a blog post template

Once in the theme editor, click on the dropdown at the top of the editor and select a blog post template from the list of templates.

3. Add Recipe Kit block to your blog post template

On the blog post template, you will see options on the left hand side for adding various blocks and sections to the blog post page. Figure out where you want the recipe card to display, and then click "Add Block" in the appropriate area.

Hint: Most stores tend to put their recipe card just below their blog post title & content

In the "Add Block" dropdown, select the "Recipe Kit Section" block. If you already have a recipe created, you will see the recipe card display in the page.

If you don't have a recipe created yet, you won't see anything display, but you should see that the "Recipe Kit Section" is now in place on the left sidebar.

Make sure to click save in the top right corner!

Once saved, your recipes should now be displaying on your new Shopify OS 2.0 theme!
Let us know if that doesn't work, or if we can help with anything else :)
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