Changed Shopify theme, now Recipe Kit doesn't display

If you have recently changed your Shopify store's theme, or done a major theme update / upgrade, Recipe Kit's code files may have gotten lost somewhere in the process.

No problem at all though! Since Recipe Kit works on every Shopify theme out there - after following the guide below your recipe cards will start showing up on your gorgeous new theme!

To re-install the recipe card snippets on your active Shopify theme simply...

  1. Open Recipe Kit (Shopify Admin > Apps > Recipe Kit)
  2. Click on the "App Settings" button on the right hand side of the Recipe Kit Dashboard
  3. Click on the "Re-Install Recipe Kit Snippets On Theme" button on the right hand side of the settings page.
  4. The app will attempt to auto-install the code snippets on your new theme. If all goes well, you will see a success message and your recipe cards should now be showing up on your new theme!
  5. If the app is unable to auto-install on your new theme, no problem at all. You can either try to install the code yourself (it's very simple!) by following this guide or you can send me an email at and I can help install it for you!

Let me know if you have any questions :)

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