Recipe Kit Installation

Recipe Kit tries to auto-install on your store's main theme when you first install the app, but sometimes it may not work - if that happens, no problem at all! Below is a super quick tutorial on how you can easily add the required code to your Shopify theme to get recipe cards showing up!

Not a coder? No problem at all. Send us a message and we can help out as soon as possible!

1. Open your Shopify theme code editor.

While logged into your Shopify admin, click “Online Store” and you will be shown the “Themes” screen below. Click “Actions” on your active theme and then select the “Edit Code” option to open the code editor of your Shopify theme.

2. Open your article page template and insert the Recipe Kit config code

This step will vary depending on the theme you have installed on your Shopify store.

The goal of this step is to find the template file that corresponds to your article page and insert a small snippet of code at the very top of this page.

The article template file could be named like one of the following:

  • article-template.liquid
  • article.liquid
  • article-content.liquid
  • etc.

Open the article page template as mentioned above, and then search through the page for piece of code that says:

{{ article.content }}

When you find this code, enter one line below it, and paste the following code snippet just below:

{% render 'recipekit' %}

Make sure you click Save in the top right corner of the code editor!

That’s all! After saving the file, create a recipe in Recipe Kit and load up your specified blog post. Make sure that there are no errors that pop up.

If you have any issues at this step, please feel free to email me at and I’ll be happy to help out!

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