Adding blog comments / text reviews

Recipe Kit comes with an easy-to-use 5 star rating system, allowing your users to simply click and rate the recipe. This rating adds to the database and updates the average rating / rating count that we show to Google in your recipe's automatically generated recipe structured data.

If you want your users to be able to add text reviews, ask you questions about the recipe, or just mention suggestions / changes they made to the recipe; we've released a sister app to Recipe Kit called Better Blog Comments that comes with a whole bunch of features that Shopify's default blog comment system is missing:

  • Email notifications for new comments / replies
  • Allows you (store owner) to reply to comments for back-and-forth discussion with your readers
  • Connection with Recipe Kit ratings, allowing in-depth recipe reviews
  • Advanced spam protection with optional CAPTCHA integration to stop bots
  • Threaded comments, allowing for users to talk with each other (easy user generated content, for you)
  • A bunch of other features making your life easier.

You can see a demo of the app in action (try leaving a comment and I'll reply to it!) on a recipe blog post here:

Better Blog Comments is run by the same small crew that runs Recipe Kit (aka, Patrick and Yusuf) so all the great things you have come to expect from Recipe Kit applies to this new app, as well!

Check out the app on the Shopify app store here:

or check out the website here:

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