Adding a filter to your blog index page (Free Addon)

Newly released, Recipe Kit's blog filter feature is perfect for allowing your users to filter down and specify exactly the type of recipes they want to view.

Note: this feature is currently in beta. It is not perfect. Send any suggestions for improvements to If you need a fully-featured filter / blog search app, check out the Blog Article Filter Search PRO app, here:


How to enable the Recipe Kit filter

  1. Open your theme editor by clicking "Customize" on your current main theme.

  2. Navigate to your Blog template (with the dropdown menu at the top of the editor).

  3. Click "Add Section" and open the "Apps" tab. There you will see "Recipe Kit Filter" in the list.

  4. Drag the app section to wherever you'd like on the template (likely at the top of the page)

  5. Click on the "Recipe Kit Filter" section, and change the filter settings on the right side-bar of the page

  6. Ensure you Save the template at the top right corner of the page.

Recipe Kit Filter Settings

There are a few different settings fields available to customize the filter on your blog index page.


Changing this setting adjusts where (left, center, or right) on the page the filter will display.

Place filter below H1

Checking this checkbox will attempt to insert the filter below your blog title (H1 tag). If it doesn't find an appropriate place to put it, it will likely display at the top of your page.


The filter settings allow you to adjust the 3 different filter options that you have with this feature.

#### Filter Name

The filter name is, of course, what 'type' of filter you are specifying. For example, "Diet", "Cuisine", "Difficulty", etc.

#### Filter Tags

The tags must be a comma-separated, lowercase list of tags that you use on your blog posts or recipes. An example of this would be:

vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, keto, sugar-free

etc. etc.

If your filters don't show up, you need to ensure that the tags in this section match 100% the same naming convention and style as the tags you use in your recipes.

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