Step By Step / Direction Photos

A recently released feature in Recipe Kit is the ability to add direction, or step-by-step, recipe photos.

This feature allows you to add photos of the process of creating your recipe, giving your reader more visual cues on how to cook the delicious recipe.

How To Enable Recipe Direction Photos

  1.  First, you'll need to ensure you have upgraded your store to Recipe Kit's Business Plan subscription tier. This new plan gives you a set of fantastic new features, for stores that need a bit more advanced recipe functions on their Shopify store.
  2. After you've upgraded your store to Business Plan, head back to the App Settings page, and click the "Update Recipe Kit" button in the top right corner of the page. This will update your recipe card code to support the new photos feature.
  3. Once updated; head on over to a recipe page in Recipe Kit of your liking.
  4. Scroll down to the directions section, and you'll notice the lovely new image field next to the direction text. Simply drag and drop or click on this tile to upload a photo to our servers!
  5. Make sure you click on "Save" to save the recipe. Next, refresh your blog post page on your Shopify store, and you should see the new direction images displaying!

Direction photos will display just underneath your direction text, looking something like this in the recipe card:

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