Shoppable Recipes / Add To Cart Feature FAQ

The Shoppable Recipes / Add To Cart feature in Recipe Kit for Shopify is finally here!

After many months of development and testing, add to cart has finally been released to the Recipe Kit app.

So, how do you use it? What are the features? The limitations? Read the FAQ below for a quick roundup about the feature!

What does Shoppable Recipes / Add To Cart look like?

Here is a quick GIF that shows what the user experience of a shoppable recipe card looks like:

You can also check the feature out via the app's demo recipe page here:

How do Shoppable Recipes work?

Add To Cart in Recipe Kit allows your customers to add your Shopify products / ingredients to their shopping cart from within the recipe card. This is an absolutely game-changing feature and can increase sales and ease of use for your customers, instantly!

For Add To Cart to work, you must enable the feature (read below), as well as attach your Shopify products to ingredients within the recipe pages. This is easily done by clicking the "Attach Shopify Product" button next to an ingredient while creating/editing a recipe in Recipe Kit.

Current Features of Shoppable Recipes:

  • Add ingredient to cart from recipe card
  • Remove ingredient from cart
  • See # of items in their current cart
  • Navigate to the Cart page (directs customer to your Shopify store's /cart page) by clicking "View Cart" button
  • Navigate directly to the Shopify checkout page by clicking "Checkout" button

Features Coming Soon:

  • Quantity selection for adding ingredients to cart
  • "Add All To Cart" : add all ingredients to customer's cart

How To Enable Shoppable Recipes

The new shoppable recipes feature is available for stores on the new Recipe Kit plan called Business Plan.

Business Plan is a new pricing plan introduced for stores that need more advanced recipe features on their Shopify store. Right now it includes just the Add To Cart feature, but in the future it will include things like:

  • Multiple image galleries / step by step photos 
  • Advanced recipe rating / comment system
  • Automatic nutrition generation
  • and much more!

To upgrade to Business Plan and enable Add To Cart, simply open up Recipe Kit, go to App Settings, and scroll down to the "Enable Add To Cart" toggle in the recipe card customization section. There you will see a button to upgrade to Business Plan. Click that, and you will be sent to the Plan Selection page. Select Business Plan, accept the charge, and you will be redirected to the Recipe Kit homepage.

One last task to do! Head back to the App Settings page, and click on the "Update Recipe Card Code" button at the top right of the page.

This will update your Recipe Kit code to the business version, with add to cart enabled.

Take a look at one of your recipes and check out the fancy new feature!

Here is a video going over the above process, if you prefer:

How To Change The Language Of Shoppable Recipes

With the add to cart feature, there are a few new fields in Recipe Kit's translation section that you can change. 

To change this text to fit your store's language, simply open up the App Settings page, and click on the new "Recipe Language / Translations" tab. 

The add to cart section is right at the bottom of the page; there you can change the following text:

  • Add To Cart button text
  • Remove From Cart button text
  • View Cart button text
  • Checkout button text
  • Success (Added!) transition text (displays after adding ingredient to cart)
  • Removed transition text (displays after removing ingredient from cart)
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