How to change Shopify theme's blog layout from list to grid view

Most Shopify themes will display blog posts, by default, in a sort of list layout. The list layout works well for content heavy posts, allowing customers to view extensive information before committing to open the blog post.

In our case though, if your Shopify blog is full of recipes rather than full-blown blog posts, you likely will want a different layout on how to display your recipe blog posts.

In most cases, your Shopify theme will come with layout / display options for your blog pages. Follow the tutorial below to check out how to change your recipe blog post layout in Shopify.

1. Open Shopify's Theme Editor

Navigate to the Online Store section of your store, and then click on the Customize Theme button that displays next to your currently active theme.

2. Navigate to recipe blog page

In my case, I can get to my recipe blog page by clicking "Example Recipes" in the header navigation of my demo store.

3. Open blog settings in editor

On the left hand side of the theme editor you should see a section called "Blog pages' or "Blog Layout" or similar. Clicking on this will bring up all the blog settings that your theme allows you to change around.

4. Change layout from "List" to "Grid"

If your theme has a "layout" option (or something similarly named), change the setting from "List" to "Grid". Play around with the settings and work out something that works best for your theme + recipes!