Recipe Kit image size guide

Recipe Kit for Shopify offers various designs with different layouts and image setups, allowing you to choose the best design for your store's recipes.

Each recipe card design features a main featured recipe image, but the recipe images don't use an exact pixel size dimension - which can cause confusion when you are uploading images.

This is because the recipe card needs to be scaled to every single Shopify theme as well as device size possible. For example, some themes have the blog post article at a width of 800px, while others are 1200px, etc.

Key: the recipe image scales to the width that is possible in the current Shopify theme.

In saying this, your best bet for finding the optimal image setup would be to follow image ratios rather than exact pixel size.
The different recipe card designs have different ratios:
Sunny -  1:1 Square Image Ratio, or 2:3 Tall Rectangle Ratio. For example: 500px x 750px (width, height)
Modern - 16:9 Wide Rectangle Ratio. Example: 1000px x 562px (width, height)

Choosing the right image for your recipe card is vital, so using the ratios above can give you a great base idea of what sort of images would work best. Choose a different design if you think you have more images that tend to lean towards a certain ratio. I will be releasing new designs soon to expand the options here!

The recipe card images also focus in on the center of the image; so ensure that the 'subject' of your photo is as centered as possible.
Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can point you in the right direction :)
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