Addon: Related Recipes / Blog Posts

Many stores using Recipe Kit are looking to show 'related recipes' in a section below the recipe card. This is a great way to show your customers other recipes, and keep them exploring the site and enjoying your content.

Note: There is a good chance that your store's Shopify theme includes this feature already. Check your theme settings and documentation to save yourself some money!

If your theme doesn't have a 'related blog posts' or 'additional articles' feature, we've released a great looking 'Related Recipes' feature as an addon within Recipe Kit. This addon is a one-time purchase, and does not add anything ongoing to your monthly purchase. 

Think of it like buying a developer's time to install a new feature on your site.

Related Recipes Addon

The related recipes addon for Recipe Kit grabs 3 other recipe posts / blog posts from the blog of the current article. 

For example, if you have a blog in Shopify called "Breakfast Recipes", the related recipes addon will grab 3 other recipe posts from within that Breakfast Recipes blog.

How To Purchase the Addon

1. First, open the Recipe Kit app.

2. On the dashboard, look for the "Addons" section (likely on the right side of the page, like the screenshot below):

3. Click on the "View Addons" button, and you will be re-directed to the Addons page.

4. Once there, click the "Purchase Related Recipes Addon" button within the Related Recipes block.

5. You will be prompted to accept the one time charge by Shopify. This is not a recurring cost, and will only happen one time.

6. Once the charge is accepted, the Recipe Kit team will receive an email request with your store domain, email. We will get in touch with you via your store's main email in order to install the related recipe addon onto your store's theme.

7. All complete! Your recipe page will now feature some lovely other recipes at the bottom of it.

Let me know if you have any questions :)

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