Want to import recipes into Shopify without using the CSV import feature?

If you have an existing Wordpress site, or food blog on another platform, and you want to switch to Shopify; transferring your recipes over to Recipe Kit can be quite a long process.

Recipe Kit offers a neat Bulk Import Recipes from CSV feature, but that still takes a bit of work to export from your current site, and format the data to a specific manner that Recipe Kit can import it. For some people that works, for others it is just extra work that they don't want to deal with!

In this scenario; Recipe Kit offers a manual service for importing your recipe data from your existing Wordpress / Squarespace / pre-existing Shopify blog. A team member at Recipe Kit will log into your Recipe Kit app and one by one add in all of your recipe details and information from your pre-existing site. This can save you hours and hours of work!

If you are interested in having your recipes imported into Recipe Kit / Shopify manually; let us know at help@recipekit.app - a team member will be happy to hop on and discuss pricing and a timeline to get your recipes ported over to Shopify & Recipe Kit!

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