Youtube video is not working properly

Recipe Kit allows you to embed videos in your recipe card, which is super handy for giving your readers an easy way to learn how to cook your delicious recipes.

Sometimes though, your Youtube video may not work properly while embedding into Recipe Kit on Shopify.

Here are some basic steps for fixing this up:

Ensure Youtube Video Allows Embedding

First off, make sure that your Youtube video is set to Public, within the video settings.

If the video privacy is set to Private, the video embedding will not work within your recipe card. Unlisted should work, but try Public if not.

Second, make sure you don't have any Youtube Embedding Restrictions set on your videos. View Youtube's help documentation article about this here, to learn how you can enable/disable restrictions for embedding of your Youtube videos:

Still not working? Then the embedding issue is likely due to a URL problem.

Proper Youtube URL for Embedding

Recipe Kit, at the moment, works specifically for Youtube video URLs that are the 'default' URL structure.

What do we mean by default URL? The default URL is exactly what it sounds like. The URL that you see when you first land on a Youtube video page. For example:

Sometimes, Youtube will show you a short-form sharing URL. This short URL is not usable within Recipe Kit. A short URL will look like this:

Make sure that you are entering the default URL into Recipe Kit, rather than the short URL.

Your default URL may sometimes come with added parameters on the end of it, for example:

That ?feature=preview part will not work with Recipe Kit, so make sure that you remove anything that comes after a "?" character in the default URL before pasting it into Recipe Kit.

So, to summarize. Make sure when you are pasting the URL into Recipe Kit, it looks basically exactly like the below URL:

Still not working? Let us know!

If for some reason, the above troubleshooting tips didn't work, just send us an email at and we can help out, no problem!

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