Recipe Analytics on Shopify

Recipe Kit's newest feature is a long awaited analytics dashboard to see a birds-eye view of your recipe data. It is only available for Business plan users, please upgrade if you would like to try this feature.

Page views and add to carts are tracked on each recipe and displayed in an easy to view dashboard on the recipe analytics page (as well as on each individual recipe page within Recipe Kit), and we will continue adding more data in the future so you can better see how useful Recipe Kit is for your Shopify store.

If you have enabled the analytics, but there is still no data coming in - please ensure you have updated your recipe card code (via the App Settings page) to the newest version!

How to enable Recipe Analytics on Shopify

  1. Open the Recipe Kit app.
  2. Ensure you are upgraded to the Business plan, which offers advanced features which are crucial for larger e-commerce food/drink companies on Shopify.
  3. Once upgraded to Business, simply go to the "Recipe Analytics" tab in the top right corner of the Dashboard.

    Recipe analytics button on the homepage navigation.

  4. Clicking there will show you the Analytics page, with a button to Enable Recipe Analytics.

    Analytics paging prompting the user to enable the analytics feature.

  5. Click the "Enable Analytics" button,
  6. You will then be asked to accept the new permissions/scopes for Recipe Kit to access the analytic data, and track your reader's behaviour while viewing recipes.
  7. Once accepted, you will be directed back to the Analytics dashboard page.
  8. From this point on, page views and add to carts will be tracked by Recipe Kit, and slowly the data will start coming into Recipe Kit!

Example preview of the recipe analytics page:

Preview of the Recipe Kit analytics page showing page views and add to cart information.

Note: The data refreshes once every hour, so please be patient and check in after a few hours (or better yet, a day or so) so you can see all the analytics data so far!

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