How to generate a recipe using the AI Recipe Creator feature

Creating a new recipe with Recipe Kit's AI Recipe Creator is a seamless experience that blends your culinary inspiration with the power of AI. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Step 1: Access the AI Recipe Creator

  • Log in to your Recipe Kit account.
  • On your dashboard, click "Create Recipe"
  • On the "Create Recipe" page, click the button labeled "Generate Feature"

    Generate a recipe with AI button

Step 2: Input Ingredients and Keywords

  • A new page will open with a simple form to complete.
  • In the 'Ingredients' text box, type in the components you want to include in your recipe. Each ingredient should be separated by a comma. Be specific to ensure the AI understands your needs (e.g., 'firm tofu' instead of just 'tofu').
  • Move to the 'Keywords' text box. Here, you will enter descriptive terms that define the essence of the dish you're envisioning. This could include dietary preferences, cuisine type, or cooking method. Separate each keyword with a comma.

    Fill out the ingredients and keywords fields as best as you can.

Step 3: Generating the Recipe

  • After filling in the ingredients and keywords, click the 'Generate Recipe' button. This sends your input to the AI which begins crafting a recipe tailored to your inputs.
  • Patiently wait for 1-5 minutes without refreshing or leaving the page to allow the AI to process the information thoroughly.

Step 4: Review and Edit the Generated Recipe

  • Once the recipe is generated, it will be presented to you in a structured format, including title, serving size, prep time, cook time, and estimated calories.
  • Examine the list of ingredients, preparation steps, and the cooking method. Ensure that the AI has correctly interpreted your instructions and that the recipe is practical and to your liking.
  • If the recipe requires tweaks, you can select 'Try Again' to prompt the AI to create a different version using the same ingredients and keywords.

    An example of a generated recipe displayed on the page.

Step 5: Save and Use Your Recipe

  • If the recipe meets your expectations, select 'Use Recipe'. This will save the recipe in your browser, and will push you to the standard recipe post creation process, with all of the recipe data pre-filled for you!
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