Linking to blog categories in Shopify navigation

Adding tags to your blog posts in Shopify and then linking to those tagged posts from your Shopify navigation is a two-part process.

Part 1: Adding Tags to Blog Posts in Shopify

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Blog Posts.
  2. Click on the title of the blog post you want to add tags to.
  3. In the "Tags" section on the right side of the page, enter the tags you want to add. If you're adding multiple tags, separate them with a comma. For instance, if you're tagging a blog post as vegetarian, you'd enter "vegetarian" in the tags field.
  4. Click "Save" to apply the tags to the blog post.

You can repeat these steps for each blog post you want to add tags to.

Alternatively, do the same thing while editing a recipe in Recipe Kit (blog post tags = recipe keywords, just make sure you have the checkbox checked beside the keywords field).

Part 2: Adding Links to Tagged Blog Posts in Shopify Navigation

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Navigation.
  2. Click on the title of the menu where you want to add the link.
  3. Click "Add menu item".
  4. In the "Name" field, enter the name you want to display in the menu (e.g., "Vegetarian Recipes"). You may want to add this as a dropdown inside an existing menu item.
  5. In the "Link" field, you'll need to enter the URL for the tagged posts. The URL structure is /blogs/your-blog-name/tagged/your-tag . So, if your blog is called "recipes", and you're linking to posts tagged "vegetarian", you'd enter "/blogs/recipes/tagged/vegetarian".

  6. Click "Add" to add the menu item, then click "Save" to save your changes to the menu.

Now, when customers click on the new menu item, they'll be taken to a page displaying all blog posts tagged with "vegetarian".

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