Exporting recipes from your store

At the moment, Recipe Kit doesn't provide a super easy way to export your recipes from the app, but our support team is more than happy to do this for you. 

We can export a raw information CSV from our database with your store's recipes, no problem.

The only thing to keep in mind with this is that some of the data exported this way is not very *human readable*.

What does this mean? It means some of the data is not easily digestable / readable by (most) people. Some of the data is in weird formats that are stored in a certain way for the sake of application speed.

The data is 100% available for you, just know that it will take some time if you wish to extract all the recipe ingredients, or directions, or nutrition data from this CSV.

To best extract information for now, I'd suggest printing PDFs or taking screenshots of your recipe cards on your store. The data will be easily readable, and easy for you to copy and paste into some other format.

In the future, I plan to release a fully featured CSV export with readable data, for easy extraction and transfer to other apps or websites :)

For now, just let us know when you want a recipe database export and we will be happy to do it for you!

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